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Pro Machines

High quality knife, scissor and shear sharpeners for the Professional Sharpener. Professional machines to sharpen beauty shears, industrial or heavy duty scissors and food service knives for high volume leasing accounts. Please note some Pro Machines may be subject to a manufacturer restocking fee. 

Wolff Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial scissors sharpeners. Specializing in stainless steel shears with edges sharper than can be obtained elsewhere. Brands include: Wolff®, Twice As Sharp®, Ergonomix®, OOKAMI®, OOKAMI Gold®, Kai®, Mundial® and other leading brands.

Tru Hone Corporation has continually strived to improve the process of knife sharpening. With the development of the HG3 Hollow Grinder and HR8 Honer, Tru Hone Corporation has a sharpening system for any size operation. Tru Hone knife sharpening machines are made in Ocala, Florida, USA using stainless steel construction and only the finest components. Our sharpeners are built for years of service.

Freiderich Dick manufactures high quality sharpeners for both professionals and in house sharpeners. The RS150 Duo is a must have for high volume food service knives like leasing accounts. 



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