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  • $1,099.00

Professional Quality 2x72 Belt Sander Made in Texas, USA Single & Variable Speed Options Available 

100% ready to USE out of the box!! 

  • Both Single Speed and VFD (variable speed) Motor is 1.5 HP  TEFC wired 110 volt with a 9 foot 14ga power cord 
  • Generous 5" x 10" work table designed for fast effortless removal 
  • 4" crowned drive and tracking wheel easily adjust to keep belt centered and running smooth!
  • 1/4" thick steel base and tubing  Base plate has 4 feet to keep it steady on bench and reduce vibration, all welded construction very heavy duty!
  • Machined rollers and tracking wheel include internal spacers, allowing for a solid mount and predictable belt tracking
  • Machine weighs in excessive of 150 lbs, ships in 1-custom fitted wood crate  and 1-cardboard box FLAT RATE SHIPPING OF 120$ Please Allow 2 Days Handling Time For This Item.
  • Many Options and accessories PLUS new developments that will always be designed to fit this machine! FULL LINE OF ACCESSORIES WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON!
  • Super fast and effortless belt changes by depressing spring loaded tracking wheel and loosening roller knob. Takes seconds to swap a belt and back to grinding

VFD DRIVE MODEL (Variable Speed)

TX Grinderz's VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) speed control is the best value option we have. If it is in your budget, this option is a must have. You get a proven, top rated KB Electronics 2 HP rated VFD speed control, invertor and switch with an invertor rated, industrial TEFC 1.5 horse power motor. This combination is just about bulletproof for this application and we have used and passed on our buying power making it an absolute bargain for you. This is the only option that we have or foresee to ever have that can’t be added after purchase. If it is in your budget, buy the VFD! The contact wheels, the small wheels and all the other options can be added later. The best value we offer is our VFD grinder.


Starting with the base, a solid ¼” thick steel plate with four domed feet welded on the bottom. This gives a solid platform to build from, the four feet allow it to sit level and all corners touch on various surfaces. Our machine operates so smoothly it does not need to be bolted to anything. We don’t even provide mounting holes, it is just not necessary. Set it down on your bench (or buy one of our custom stands) and go to work! 

The back bone of the machine is 4 pieces of 2x2x1/4” square tubing. The manufacturing seam that extends the inside length of the tubing must be removed so the smaller tubing slides smoothly in and out. Our developed process accurately removes the weld seam, leaving a smooth precise finish end to end.

The back bone is then welded in a fixture that holds it true and square. Thus, creating the H shaped weldment that is accurately aligned and welded (not bolted) to the base plate. At this point, we have created a solid base structure for your machine.

The tracking wheel tube, platen plate tube and work table tube are all made from 1 ½ x 1 ½ x 3/16 square tubing. We chose this because it matches the 2x2 tubing radius that it is sliding into and gives the most surface contact inside the tube. 3/16 is overkill for this application but it is the better fit. A ¼” wall tube has extensive radius on the outside corners lessening the flat contact surface inside the mating tube, potentially causing tracking inconsistencies.

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