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Wolf Industries, Inc.

In 1957 Lee Wolff started a sewing machine sales and service business. Fabrics and a complete line of sewing needs were added in 1963, and the number of employees grew to 25 to handle the volume. During those years, Lee did a great deal of scissors sharpening and repair and made important modifications on the available scissors sharpening equipment.

In 1971 Lee and Mary Wolff became the first major importer and distributor of plastic handled scissors in the United States. They started to manufacture sewing scissors in 1973 under the trade name of KNIP. A U.S. patent was granted on the KNIP.

 TWICE AS SHARP®, WOLFF®, OOKAMI GOLD® and ERGONOMIX® are registered trade marks of WOLFF INDUSTRIES, INC. Any uses are forbidden without written permission.

In March of 2015 David Wolff became CEO of Wolff Industries, Inc and his son-in-law Ryan Miller became the acting President.

In December of 2016 Andrew Wolff, son of David Wolff was named President of S.A.T.



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