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6" Leather Stropping Wheel Buffing Compound Included - Pro Sharpening Supplies

Pro Sharpening Supplies

  • $39.99

  • 6” X 3/4" All Leather Wheel for Grinders
  • Bushings Fit Almost any Standard Grinder
  • High Quality Leather
  • Creates a Shaving Sharp Edge
  • 1-2 oz. Buffing Compound Included
  • One Side Smooth, One Side Rough
  • Made in Texas, USA

The 6 in. Leather Honing Wheel has a rough side and a smooth side. You can use either, depending on what you are doing. These wheels are great for knives, chisels, woodworking tools, and more. The bushings included can easily be removed or kept in and the wheel will run smoothly on just about any grinder or buffer. The bushings can reduce the 1” hole to 5/8”, 3/4”, or 1/2”. 

Our leather wheels are manufactured with the highest standards in the sharpening business. Use this wheel to finish your sharp edge. 

It will remove minor scratching, polish, and keep the edge sharp longer. Use the included buffing compound to put a mirror finish on your knife or tool. 

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