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Norton Waterstone - 220 Grit 89505

Norton Waterstone - 220 Grit 89505


  • $42.99

* 1 x 3 x 8 Inches

* 220 Grit Silicon Carbide Waterstone

* Plastic Blue Hinged Box

* Easy to Clean & Maintain

The 220 Grit Waterstone is a great place to start on a really dull tool, or just to get a "working" edge going. Depending on what you need the tool for, you can start on the 220 Grit and go to higher grits if you need a more polished or refined edge. If you need an edge with a little bit more "tooth" you can simply remove the burr created by the stone and start using your tools.

Waterstones are great because they don't thave the messy cleanup like oil stones. Simply spray the stone with water and you are ready to work on your edge. Norton Waterstones work great for knives, woodworking tools, scissors, and many other edged tools. This stone is low maintenance and high performance.

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