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Wolff Corru-gator - Quickly and Easily Corrugate Scissors & Shears CGTR


  • $1,234.40

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The Corru-gator is made by Wolff Industries, the most trusted name in scissor sharpening equipment for professionals. The machine is designed to work in conjunction with the Twice as Sharp machines and is amazingly easy to use. By moving the clamp out of the TAS machine directly to the corru-gator, sharpeners can match the angle to be corrugated EXACTLY!
  • Corru-gator Machine
  • Coarse or Fine Corrugating Wheel
  • Free Floating Arm System
  • Eye Shield
  • Shears-Lock Clamp
  • Dust Mask
  • Safety Glasses
  • Scissors Lubricant
  • Owner's Manual
  • Instructional DVD


The diamond corrugation (fine or coarse)wheel simply puts corrugations into the desired blade and the scissors will cut like you never believed possible. This machine can set you apart as a professional sharpener by being able to offer a service that few sharpeners can. It can also give you far superior results much faster than manual corrugation techniques. Hard-to cut materials like Kevlar and Fiberglass need a corrugated blade to hold the material in place and keep it from bunching. In addition to industrial applications, many barbers prefer a corrugated finger blade on their shears. Pro Sharpening Supplies is a proud distributor for Wolff Industries and offers a fantastic price on this machine. This is your chance to take your sharpening to the next level!!

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