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Wolff Industrial Twice as Sharp Scissor Sharpening System: IND-TAS


  • $399.99

The Wolff Industrial Twice as Sharp is the Industry Standard to sharpen Scissors and Shears!!! Designed for In-House Factory Sharpening Wolff’s Industrial Twice as Sharp is designed to make your in-house shear sharpening fast, easy, and precise. The Industrial Twice as Sharp is used to sharpen your shears to 2-6 times sharper than new. The IND-TAS uses a free floating arm system and a shears-lock to keep the scissors at correct sharpening angles. This Updated Model has two dust ports in the back that connects to your dust collecting system to keep your sharpening area clean and free from debris.

    * Motor

    * Arm

    * Clamp

    * Wheels (100 grit grinding wheel, 350 grit honing wheel)

    * Safety glasses

    * Dust Mask

    * Scissors Lubricant

    * Pink hone

    * Wheel dressing brick

    * Eye Shields

    * Hex wrench

    * Angle guage

    * Detailed Manual

    * Training DVD





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